Getting Ready For Spring

Spring is just around the corner and it’s now time to prepare for the better weather.

So let’s check out Denis Bonnici Electricians seasonal top tips !…

(1) Check your lawnmower, strimmer and hedge trimmer cables for cuts, scuffs or nicks.

(2) Check the plug is not damaged or cracked and has the correct fuse.

(3) Check your outdoor sockets and wiring !.. Anything worn, broken or heat damaged should be attended to or replaced.

(4) Outside lights also need a good check for damage and proper function.

(5) Those of you with a modern consumer unit, fusebox or distribution board, should have RCD’s in place. (Residual Current Device).
These devices are there to save your life should something go wrong. They must be the correct rating.

ie : 30 milli Amp or 30 mA RCD.

Test these by pressing the test button (T).
This should immediately trip out the RCD.
The RCD can easily be reset and you will have the peace of mind that the system that protects you, is working.

If in doubt, or you don’t have a RCD, or you just need advice, contact us

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