Consumer Units

How old is your fuseboard?

Does it have RCD protection?

If you have a fuseboard that is wooden-bodied, fusewire, cartridges, china-clad with asbestos flashguards – It is time for an upgrade!

To comply with BS7671 18th Edition 2017, a minimum of two RCD’s should be installed within Consumer units. RCD’s are a life saving device, preventing electric shocks by automatically shutting off the electrics if a fault is detected eg. water ingress or faulty appliance.

Circuits can also be individually protected by the installation of RCBO’s which is highly recommended.

The latest update to the Consumer unit regulations was in January 2017 where all units are now made in metal and fire retardant to 30 minutes.

A high percentage of fires in the UK are caused by electrical fault, visit:

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Safety First – Be Safe!

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