Denis Bonnici Electricians Ltd. acquired Nimbus Meters in 2012 and have been servicing existing Landlords/Agents with the supply of Mid Approved prepay Smart Top Up Meters, replacement Ampy Card Meters, Meter Cards and Coin Meters.


We install new Mid Approved prepay Smart Top Up Meters, a new way for Landlords to charge for energy use in rental properties. No cash/Meter Cards required. Energy is purchased by the Tenant through a secure payment Website, credit is instantly transferred to the Meter and payment direct to the Landlord’s bank account. Please contact us for more details on 01323 639609.

We also install replacement reconditioned Ampy, single phase, non-MID, pre-payment meters to provide “pay as you go” electricity. facilitated by programming cards. These meters and cards are available to purchase for Landlords/Agents only.

The meters can be calibrated by inserting a “meterman” programming card, to enable settings to be registered at rate per kW hour. The programming card allows the Landlord/Agent to oset price per kW hour and Emergency credit. The price per kW hour should be calculated to include price paid for electricity, standing charge, VAT and cost to facilitate electricity via cards, to equate a figure that would not exceed costs, as is required.

We supply the meter cards to landlords/agents only in denominations of £1.00, £5.00 & £10.00.


We supply timed/non-timed coin meters with £1/£2 slots.

Timed meters are ideally used for a communal area to serve washing machines, tumble dryers, hair dryers, snooker tables or heating etc.

The insertion of coins starts the timer which turns on the device for a fixed period of time.


We are electrical contractors and would be happy to calibrate, or re-code your ampy meter.

If you are not within our radius we advise that you contact a local electrician for installation and we would be happy to provide a detailed instruction on calibration.




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