Testing & Certification


This is a detailed health check of your property testing circuits and accessories to provide a detailed report.

The electrics will be checked/tested against the UK standard for the safety of electrical installations in accordance with BS7671.

If there are any dangerous or potentially dangerous conditions are found, the overall assessment of the electrical installation will be unsatisfactory. Remedial action would be required to remove any potential risk to premises/people. An estimate would then be submitted accordingly.

How often should this report be carried out?

Your electrics should be inspected and tested at regular intervals dependant on location as noted in the BS7671, Guidance note 3: Inspection and Testing (IET).

Recommendations for homeowners are once every 10 years or on buying and selling a property.

Whereas tenanted properties should be every 5 years or at change of occupancy.

The Landlords and Tenant Act 1985 requires landlords of properties with short leases to keep the electrical wiring in good repair and working order.

Insurance companies may also want evidence that properties are being maintained and tested in accordance with this act.


MINOR WORKS CERTIFICATE:  Extension of circuits

ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION CERTIFICATE: New installations, i.e. Consumer units and new circuits.

PART P BUILDING CONTROL CERTIFICATION: Actioned by us through ELECSA as appropriate to regulation.

PAT TESTING: Frequency as highlighted within the Code of Practice for in-service inspection and testing of electrical equipment (IET)

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Safety First – Be Safe!

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